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Kitchens Bicester

How would you like to make your dream kitchen in Bicester? If so, you need a team of kitchen specialists with the skills and experience to turn your vision of a dream kitchen into a reality.

Kitchenroom is an experienced kitchen makeover company with a dedicated team of specialists who can create an attractive and highly functional kitchen on an affordable budget. We will make the most of your available kitchen space by creating a kitchen design that perfectly utilizes every area to the highest degree.

What kind of kitchen design would you like? Some of the most popular kitchen designs we can offer you include the following:


Contemporary Kitchens

Kitchenroom offers contemporary kitchen designs that are vibrant, original, and interesting. You can choose from numerous finishing options, including gloss, wood, and matte. The gloss and matte finishes have eight stock colour options. In addition, approximately 35 different colours are available for the entire kitchen.


Conventional Kitchens

Many homeowners still prefer conventional kitchen designs because they often feature wooden finishes, solid timber fixtures, and beaded effects to create a classic, timeless appearance. We can also add paint and stock colours too.


Shaker Kitchens

Shaker kitchens incorporate a minimalist design and symmetrical cabinets and fixtures. We offer several variations to the shaker kitchen design, such as traditional, authentic, and modern shaker designs. Solid wood and matte finish options are available.


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Would you like more information about our kitchen design and renovation services in Bicester? Call us at 01235 819977 or email us at [email protected] to connect with our team today.

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