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What We Do

At Kitchenroom we offer customised kitchen fitting services in a variety of contemporary and classic kitchen styles and colours. Our company is based in Didcot and serves clients that are located in and around the Oxford area.

The perfect kitchen is more than just where you go to find food. It is the heart of the home where love, laughter, peace, and bonding take centre stage. The kitchen is an essential part of any household and requires reasonable investment to make it into a functional, convenient, and stylish space that all the household can enjoy.

This room is so important that it is the top consideration for home buyers. It can strongly impact the property value of a house and often sets the tone for the day as it is the go-to living space when everyone gets up in the morning. There are various kitchen modifications you can try like adding bar stools against a counter to create a more social and open space or installing a kitchen island for more counter space and extra storage.

With over 30 different kitchen styles developed for 2022, Kitchenroom offers a wide variety of kitchen units for clients to consider or simply take inspiration from in customising their kitchen design. We can offer advice on whatever kitchen style you are considering and how best to incorporate it into your space.

Our projects have included the more modern handleless styles and classic shaker kitchen units. Whether you prefer a more contemporary kitchen feel or want to stick to a traditional style, we offer a variety of design options for your consideration that can serve as a basis for your own customised look.

We offer a comprehensive range of services including offering our clients the services of our designer in helping arrive at satisfying final designs, organising the supply of all materials, and carrying out the renovation work to create the newly fitted kitchen. Our clients can choose to take advantage of all our services, or simply engage us just for the supply of materials if they already have a kitchen designer or fitter they want to work with.

We have cultivated good working relationships with many of the world’s leading manufacturers, suppliers, and fabricators of kitchen equipment including appliances, worktops, cabinets, sinks, taps, hinges, and much more. This has helped ensure we sustain a healthy stock of various top brands at highly competitive pricing.

Our kitchen cabinets come with a 25-year guarantee. They also come fitted with Blum Soft hinges and runners as a standard out of the factory. Blum Soft hinges are renowned for their innovative design that provides homeowners with durable, soft, and effortless closing of cabinet doors. Their precise functional design delivers a perfect closing action and minimalist appearance that wonderfully complements any style of kitchen.

Our cabinetry also comes assembled and ready for quick installation. The doors are already drilled making it easy for the kitchen fitter to carry out the work of hanging and fitting.

We also offer a selection of eight colour options for our cabinets at no extra cost. These colour choices have been carefully considered to offer our clients suitable options for colour coordinating their cabinetry. Amongst our most popular options are white, light grey, cashmere, porcelain and Lancaster oak. You are free to choose other colours beyond our selection.

Our current lead time is about three weeks for these stock coloured kitchen units from the date of approval on the final free kitchen design. Delivery may take longer if you introduce colour choices outside this selection.

We regularly review our pricing to ensure our clients are getting the best deals possible and even offer a price promise. If you can find the same product on offer at a competitor at price below what we are offering, we will match it.

We encourage you to visit our reviews and gallery pages to learn more about how we manage to deliver to our clients’ dream kitchens while saving them time and money. You do not have to waste time at expensive showrooms as our talented team can bring to life any design with the best quality supplies from top kitchen equipment brands.

We are based in Didcot and serve customers throughout Oxfordshire, including Oxford town Centre, Abingdon, Faringdon, Grove, Kidlington, Thatcham, Wallingford, and Wantage.

Services We Offer

Design Services

We offer a free design service for our clients that are looking to realise their dream kitchen. The process begins with booking an appointment to have one of our team visit your home. We have flexible schedules and are happy to accommodate you at whatever time you feel best suits you.

During the visit, our interior designer will discuss with you any remodelling kitchen ideas you have in mind and what the latest design trends are. We will also carry along samples of such supplies as worktops and cabinetry doors so you can examine them within the context of your home to have a better idea of what kind of results you will get.

We also take measurements to ensure our renders are as accurate as possible. This consultation will typically take just an hour for average kitchen-sized renovations.

Based on your desires and our discussion, we will then return to our base to work on developing suitable designs. We utilise 3D computer-aided design (CAD) software to bring these kitchen ideas to life and share them with our clients via email.

Once necessary adjustments have been made and you are fully satisfied with the final design suggestion, we will then proceed to generate a fully itemised quotation that will precisely detail all cost components. We firmly believe in full disclosure so that clients can financially prepare themselves for this expenditure. We guarantee that there are no hidden costs.

Supply Services

We also offer a supply only service for clients that may prefer to engage their own kitchen fitter. We have partnered with a stunning range of quality kitchen suppliers to deliver top brands to our clients at the most competitive prices.

Any equipment or material that is required for your renovation, from cabinetry to screws, appliances to tiles, we can supply it all at prices that are hard to beat. With our price matching guarantee, we make an assurance that if you can find a better deal on the same material, we will match it.

If all you want is to be supplied with some or all of the necessary materials for your perfect kitchen remodel, we can deliver just that. This means you will likely have another kitchen fitter do the remodel.  We highly recommend having them come in and take their own measurements and assess the site before confirming your order.

Full Installation Service

Our full-service option means that we will undertake all the work in delivering you a new kitchen. From initial design work to the final walkthrough, we will perform all the tasks required. This includes any corresponding work needed including plastering, plumbing and electrical work. The final finishing touches will ensure you can immediately start using your kitchen comfortably for what it was intended without worrying about other damage.

Why Kitchen Renovations Are Worth It

When deciding to carry out home renovations, most homeowners will give the kitchen top consideration for good reasons.

Property Value

Kitchen remodels offer the best value for money in terms of property values. They are the most important room that home buyers consider and updating them to be more functional and stylish can boost property value considerably.

Improve Functionality and Convenience

The kitchen is the heart of the home where family and friends come to congregate to eat, drink, and communicate. It is where most appliances are located and used. To better serve these needs, it helps to make updates that better accommodate this functionality and convenience while creating a style with broad appeal. A kitchen remodel can also help to correct an awkward layout or other inconveniences like limited storage space and poor lighting. Where you have obsolete appliances and fixtures, a kitchen renovation can help update the space.

Create A More Conducive Space

If you have family and friends that you want to be able to host in the kitchen, it can help to create a kitchen style that can comfortably accommodate a larger number of people. This may mean having to change the type and size of the seating area you have. Even with a galley kitchen, you can opt for such changes as introducing a kitchen island or knocking down the wall separating it from the dining area for a more open plan living space.

You may also want to be able to comfortably store and access whatever range of appliances and foodstuffs you need. This could mean having to add cabinet or pantry storage and having more inbuilt space for appliances. Depending on the circumstances, certain changes to the kitchen may make it a more conducive space in which you can entertain, keep an eye on the kids or cook to your heart’s content.

Update The Style

This is especially true when you have moved into an older property. If you have a preference for modern or contemporary design, you may find a dated kitchen as being an eyesore. Carrying out a kitchen remodel can help to completely change the style of the space and upgrade it to better suit other parts of the home. Even if you start with something as simple as choosing to add colour to varnished kitchen cabinets, you can majorly change the style of the room.

Improve Efficiency

Many of the upgrades you can do to a kitchen today will help improve efficiency, especially when it comes to utility costs. Energy-saving appliances have now become more widely available. Kitchenroom sources for the best EPA energy star rated appliances that ensure the lowest utility costs for homeowners. For older properties, this kind of room upgrade is important if you are looking to boost property values and want to conserve energy and water use. If you are shifting into a new property and find that your current kitchen appliances do not fit, making an upgrade will allow you to either create the room you need or find appliances that are a better fit for the space.

Resolving Deterioration

The kitchen is one of the most utilised spaces in the home. It has the most appliances, storage needs, and wet areas. Often highly used for cooking, dining and other tasks, its work areas can often become worn and damaged. Broken tiles, mould, food stains and other problems mean that this space can often do with some refreshing and upgrading.

The First Home Visit…

The first step in our design process involves making a home visit. This is an important step where we will require the input of the homeowner to figure out what desires they have and the budget they are working with.

Our team has a flexible schedule and can often accommodate home visits even outside normal working hours, on prior arrangement. Once you have selected a date and time suited to your schedule, we will confirm your booking.

During the home visit, we will begin by discussing what kitchen ideas you have. We want to know what kind of work you do and do not want to be done for your kitchen. We may make suggestions based on your proposals, such as on how to create more store space, add more natural light and introduce more fresh air.

We will then take the necessary measurements and begin to show you samples of materials we currently stock, including worktops, tiles, and cabinet doors. This will help guide us on what kind of styles and colour options you prefer and that will serve as inspiration for our designs.

Once we have collected as much information as possible, we will then return to our offices for a designer to begin work on renders for your proposed kitchen design. We use state of the art 3D computer-aided design (CAD) software to bring these designs to life. We have found this option to be the best in informing our clients on what the final result of their kitchen will be.

Our design service is offered free of charge, right up to the initial design proposal and quotation. We will send you the designs through email. If you want changes made, you can communicate with our team until we arrive at a final design for our dream kitchen you are fully satisfied with.

From here we can then prepare a comprehensive quotation that will itemise every material and labour task that will be needed to accomplish your desired new kitchen.

How to Order Your Fitted Kitchen

Once we have completed the design process and you have approved the final design and quotation, the next step is to order your kitchen. We offer both supply and installation services. If you just want supply services, we can deliver.

We recommend having your chosen kitchen fitter come in to carry out their own measurements and make comparisons with the final plans and quotation. This is to ensure no mistakes and that they fully understand your vision and can deliver on it. Once all are in agreement, you can proceed with placing your order for supply and we will deliver the materials to your house.

If you want us to also carry out the installation, our kitchen fitter will arrange for another home visit to the property to ensure all the measurements are in order and finalise the kitchen survey. This discussion is important so you know what to expect when installation is being on and how much of the kitchen, if any, you can still utilise at the time of renovation.

The kitchen fitter will also discuss with you any other extra works that may need to be undertaken including plastering, plumbing, and electrical work. This may in turn require some remedial work for the flooring, tiling and other areas. Also, what to expect in case of major renovations that may require structural work like knocking down a wall or two.

Why Choose Kitchenroom

Excellent Variety

We offer over 30 different kitchen designs to choose from. These designs choices are updated every year to reflect trending styles and the range of kitchen appliances and materials available in the market. If you want to carry out a kitchen renovation but lack inspiration, our design templates are a great place to start and adjust to your personal taste. We work with a variety of kitchen suppliers of top brands, ensuring that you have access to the best quality hardware for your kitchen.

Customisable Designs

Even with the wide selection of design templates that we offer, it is normal to expect clients to make changes that will turn them into something truly personal and suited to their needs. This is why we take the time to consult a home visit and engage with our clients to find out what they aspire their kitchen units to be. Even with the stock options we offer, it is possible to make changes to design, colour, and dimensions to better achieve the aesthetic you want. With CAD software, we can bring to life your vision and make whatever adjustments you want till you are 100% satisfied.

Scalable Services

We offer design, supply and installation services, scaled to whatever level you prefer. Even though our design services are free, you are not under any obligation to have us carry out the final installation work. We can simply provide the materials you want and leave the rest to your chosen kitchen fitter to complete the kitchen project. We are happy to help you bring to life your vision of what you want your dream kitchen to be and are confident in our ability to deliver this at the most competitive price and quality finish.

As part of our full installation service, we will bring in whatever type of expertise is needed. We work with a network of fully qualified tradespeople in different specialities to deliver the perfect kitchen. We currently have a lead time of 3 weeks on 99% of our projects, from the time the final design is approved by the client.

Product Guarantee

As we work with top brands in the kitchen industry, most of our products and workmanship come with lengthy guarantees that ensure your peace of mind. Our cabinets alone come with a 25-year guarantee that speaks to our confidence in the materials used and craftsmanship applied to create the aesthetic you desire. We also offer a 10-year solid wood kitchen guarantee and 7 year MDF kitchen guarantee.

Competitive Pricing

We endeavour to ensure that the prices we offer clients are the best in the market. We continually review market prices and offer a price matching guarantee whereby if you shop and find a competitor with lower pricing on the same product, we will match it.

We deal directly with major suppliers of top brands, cutting down on middlemen that would otherwise add to the final cost for our clients. Our design services are also offered free of charge, ensuring our clients enjoy even more affordability on their perfect kitchen remodel.

Finding Inspiration

Our selection of over 30 different kitchen designs serve as template ideas which have inspired many of our clients to better envision the kitchen they want. We base our designs on popular trends in the kitchen industry and a selection of traditional styles that have never gone out of fashion.

For our more modern and eclectic styles, we have drawn inspiration from the work of such trendsetting interior designers like Michelle Nussbaumer, who designed House Beautiful’s 2019 Kitchen of the Year. By combining form and function with murals and fantasy art, she creates varied kitchen spaces that speak to a person’s individuality. Her incorporation of hidden storage is amongst the more trending kitchen ideas that serve to declutter spaces while exposing more wall space for artwork.

This is why we not only seek to understand what appeals to our clients in the market but also probe further to understand their vision of what kind of space they will be delighted to return to every day. Because our company is able to customise design ideas in various styles, there is much room to be creative and inform us on what personal touches you want to be incorporated as we work our way to your final dream kitchen.

While we do offer deals on a selection of stock colours, we can accommodate orders on other options available through our preferred suppliers. We believe there is no limit when it comes to creating a new kitchen and having access to a wide range of cabinetry and other kitchen equipment from top brands that we can customise to realise your ideas for a dream kitchen.

If there is a kitchen style you love from a magazine, website or other sources, let us know during the consultation and we will help develop a final design based on these kitchen ideas, but ideally suited to the particular aesthetic you are going for and the kitchen layout and dimensions of the space.

When it comes to remodelling, you can scale the work. This means you start with simple changes like just changing the cabinet doors to your shelving unit, updating drawer pulls, enlarging the sink, or adding a splashback. Or, you can do an entire remodel that even involves knocking down a wall or two to create a larger cooking and entertaining space for your new kitchen. Depending on your vision for the space and budget you have, we can offer advice and develop a final design that best meets your needs and desires.

We urge you to also visit our gallery page to see the work we have already done. Not only do these successful past projects and client reviews serve as a testament to our capabilities, but you may also be inspired on what features to add to your vision of a dream kitchen. Feel free to ask for more samples of our work and products.

Kitchen Suppliers We Work With

We greatly value the relationships we have built with major suppliers of the best kitchen cabinetry and equipment in the industry. We have partnered with them to ensure we can deliver their products to our clients at the most competitive prices possible. To ensure this, we not only regularly review market prices on all our products, but also provide a price guarantee that enables us to match prices that our clients find when they shop at our competitors for the same products.

We strongly believe in using only quality products that will provide our clients with many years of reliable use. Value for money is at the heart of our supply business and the reason we focus on brands that are just as dedicated to quality craftsmanship, innovation, precision, and durability.

Our list of preferred suppliers for kitchen cabinetry, kitchen appliances worktops, sinks, taps and much more include:

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