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A new year brings new trends – what’s new in kitchen design for 2023?

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As we welcome in the start if another new year our attention here at Kitchenroom inevitably turns to the latest kitchen trends likely to dominate our Pinterest boards in 2023. Whether you’re looking to go the whole-hog with the installation of a brand new fitted kitchen, or are simply looking to give your existing set up a bit of a new look, you’ll find plenty of ideas below to inspire you.

We’ve picked our top trends for 2023 which incorporate aspects of both style and functionality. From materials to technology, there is something to grab the attention of everyone, so take a look and let us know what you love the sound of.

1. Green is the colour

One of the key kitchen trends which is guaranteed to change every year is colour. With darker schemes having dominated the ‘must-have’ pages of design magazines in recent years we are very pleased to see that this year’s colour of choice is from a lighter palette: soft sage green. This subtle green shade began to see an uptick in popularity towards the end of last year and that is sure to continue as we move further into 2023.

Loved for it’s soft, warm undertones, this particular colour also helps us feel closer to mother nature as it brings earthy connotations into the kitchen. As nature also demonstrates so beautifully for us, green works with pretty much any other colour out there, so the options are literally endless for walls, floors and accent colours.

2. Or keep it all white

It’s our opinion that you will never get bored of a white kitchen, which is why we still see white being a key kitchen colour choice for this year. It is timeless, neutral and reflects the light brilliantly, making almost any kitchen space look bigger. It can also be accessorised in absolutely any way you like to reflect changing tastes and styles, so it will grow and evolve as you do.

3. Natural materials

If our predictions are correct, this year will see the re-introduction of a lot more natural materials back into the kitchen over some of the much-loved man-made alternatives. Naturally occurring stone and wood have been popular kitchen choices for many years, but we think they will be bigger than ever this year, featuring in cupboards, worktops and even tiles in place of things such as stainless steel and brass.

The shift towards using more natural materials in the kitchen reinforces the connection to nature which seems to be key theme in kitchen design for 2023, bringing a softness into the kitchen which hasn’t been as prevalent in recent design schematics.

4. Rounded edges

The idea of bringing a sense of softness into the kitchen is continued in trend prediction number three, which is the appearance of more rounded edges in kitchen designs. Whether you are looking at statement kitchen islands, breakfast bars, or simply counter ends, we think rounded edges to cupboards and worktops will have a big role to play.

Rounded edges in the kitchen can be hugely practical. Firstly, if you have young children in the kitchen they can prevent little ones from banging their heads on protruding corners. In the case of kitchen islands and breakfast bars, they can actually be much more sociable too. Rounded corners allow space for more chairs and a more intimate setting for chatting guests or family members in the kitchen. Fully rounded islands can also be a real statement, serving as an interesting focal point in the middle of your kitchen.

5. Mix up your metals

Looking back at our previous two new year prediction posts we picked out copper and brass as being the ‘big metals’ of 2021 and 2022 respectively. We certainly weren’t wrong on either front, so we’d recommend paying attention when we say this… for 2023 the trend will be to mix and match your metals.

There are so many fabulous jewel-toned metals to choose from, why feel the need to pick just one? Combining colours such as brass, copper and nickel can be visually impactful and interesting, without looking overly buy or chaotic in the kitchen. These naturally found tones all complement each other incredibly well and will look fabulous in the home.

6. Light it up

We talk a lot about the benefits of lighting your kitchen thoughtfully, using a mixture of natural, statement and accent lighting to get the best out of your kitchen in all settings. This will continue to be sage advice this year, with statement lighting in particular being something to give due consideration to. To give you a brief reminder, the three main types of lighting are:

Statement Lighting – sometimes called mood lighting. It provides the overall lighting for your kitchen. The standard light source of your kitchen may not provide the best ambient lighting, depending on the size of your kitchen. Consider using alternative ambient light sources, such as recessed lights, chandeliers, and LED rods.

Natural Lighting – If you do a lot of cooking during the day, you should aim for natural lighting for your kitchen. Think about installing some sliding glass doors or additional windows in your kitchen to allow more sunlight inside. If your kitchen is not near the side of your house, you could install skylights on the ceiling to let sunlight through the top of it.

Accent Lighting – can illuminate specific areas of your kitchen. They usually come in the form of LED strips that you can install on your kitchen countertops, cabinet doors, and stovetops. Not only do they look attractive, but they can help you see what you’re doing.

7. Small-space pantries

We all know that a pantry has been one of the most desire kitchen features of recent years, not to mention incredibly handy for storing all those cooking ingredients, tins and dried food.

Usually they require a pretty large kitchen to house them, but not any more. We predict in 2023 there will be a trend for hidden pantries which slide out of cabinets, or disguised as small cupboards, allowing this fantastic feature to be included in even the most compact of spaces.

8. Eco-friendly materials

With a global shift towards being more eco-friendly, it is no surprise that many kitchen designers and manufacturers are now building more environmentally conscious materials into their work, with some of the most popular trend kitchens of the coming year feature materials such as reclaimed wood and cork in their designs, as well as eco-based paints.

Popular materials may also include wood, stone, and metal as we’ve already mentioned, with these gaining extra points for their eco-credentials whether that be through recycling or sustainable resourcing.

9. Smart technology

Our final top-predicted trend for 2023 is no surprise at all; smart technology. We have seen it being introduced into kitchens in previous years, but as the technology grows, the products become more accessible and widely seen. As one kitchen manufacturer suggests:

“From smart fridges that let you know when you’re out of certain ingredients to automatically temperature-controlled wine fridges, if you can think of an appliance, chances are that there’s a ‘smart’ version of it.”

It all seems very futuristic and almost hard to imagine, but these things really are out there and will be on the wish-list of many a home-owner, if not this year, then in the very near future.

Kitchen trends are constantly evolving, with new colours, materials and layouts becoming the style de jour. Whilst it’s always interesting to know what is ‘in’ for each year, we’d always highly recommend that the ideas you look to implement are the ones that you love, which reflect your own personal style and personality. A good kitchen should last you anywhere from 15-30 years, so be sure to make choices you’ll love for many years to come, regardless of what’s inside the pages of those much-loved interiors magazines.

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