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Back to Basics Kitchen Islands

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Kitchen islands are part of many modern kitchen designs. They are freestanding counters or cabinets in the middle of a kitchen and are not attached to any walls. Most kitchen islands have rectangular shapes with a counter on top and cabinetry on the bottom. Some kitchen islands even have dishwashers, sinks, and plumbing installed into them too.

The Benefits of Kitchen Islands

A kitchen island can do a lot to improve your kitchen. For instance, if you want to create space for people to dine in your kitchen, an island would provide an extra counter and seating space for your friends and family. You could also store your pots and pans in the cabinet on the base of the island.

Think about the aesthetic appeal of the kitchen islands as well. When you choose to upgrade your kitchen design to a new style, your kitchen island can have the same colours and finish as the rest of your kitchen improvements. That way, everything in the kitchen blends beautifully.

Kitchen islands help separate the cooks from the diners. When diners sit down at the kitchen island, they won’t be in the way of the cooks. Everyone working in the kitchen can work on the side countertops surrounding the kitchen island. As a result, no one will get in each other’s way.

Buy Kitchen Islands from a Trusted Supplier

Kitchenroom is one of the most trusted and experienced suppliers of kitchen designs in the Oxford area. Many of our kitchen styles come with island upgrades, such as the Oxford and Fitzroy kitchen designs. They both use the shaker style with painted MDF material to provide a more modern twist of the traditional version.

We have many more kitchen island design options too. Contact our customer support team to learn more about our high-quality kitchen style supplies.

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