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Benefits of a Traditional Kitchen

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As we’ve discussed in our last blog, in kitchen design there is one question we always start with – are you looking at a contemporary or traditional style? It seems a simple question, and for some customers it is – they just know that a contemporary style is for them, or they have spent months lusting over shaker doors; but others find it to be quite the conundrum.

Both contemporary and classic kitchen styles certainly have their draws. Equally beautiful, but completely different, this one choice will dictate the style of your whole kitchen, influencing everything from worktop selection, to the type of cooker that you have, and sometimes it can be difficult to commit to one particular vision.

As a fitted kitchen supplier, we see all sorts of different styles and combinations chosen by our customers in Oxfordshire and our preference for modern or traditional quite honestly seems to change every time we stand in somebody’s brand new completed kitchen. They can be so very different but each style really does have its charms and benefits, and both are capable of delivering truly stunning results. What we have found, however, is that our most-loved projects are the ones where customers pick a direction and fully embrace it, rather than trying to sit in the middle ground by taking the bits they like from each style. This isn’t as easy as it sounds, as although you may love traditional units, giving up the idea of a high gloss finish can be quite difficult, even when you know it may not suit the overall look you’re striving for.

That is what we’re here to help you with. We have seen hundreds of different kitchens and know what works, so we can use this experience and our expertise to gently guide you through the decision making process to design a kitchen which is streamlined in its vision and execution.

As we’ve said, we simply couldn’t choose a favourite between traditional and contemporary styles – we love them both so much! Fortunately, we don’t have to, but if you’re struggling to make the choice, this blog may help as we set out the benefits of both styles for you to compare and contrast. This week we’re focussing on traditional kitchen styles, following on from our last article which looked at contemporary designs.

Why do we love traditional kitchens?

They are timelessly beautiful

Traditional style kitchens, and in particular shaker style units are highly fashionable at present, but actually it is difficult to think of a time when these beautifully simple doors weren’t a popular choice. The shaker style kitchen has been around for many years now, believe it or not it actually takes its name from the United Society of Believers in Christ’s Second Appearing, more commonly known as the Shakers, a religious group formed in the 18th Century, who’s members believed everything should be functional and practical.

This modern but elegant style has been a mainstay in kitchen styling for literally hundreds of years, so it’s unlikely to fall out of fashion any time soon, but also benefits from the versatility of being very easily updated to reflect current tastes as trends change. Almost every day we see images of traditional kitchens which have been transformed by a simple respray or a change of handles, so a shaker kitchen could be reinvented many times over!

They are low maintenance and easy to keep clean

One of the best things about traditional style kitchens is just how easy they are to keep looking clean. The simple styling of a shaker style door means there are very few places for dust and dirt to hide, which means all they often require is a quick wipe over with a damp cloth. What’s more, the painted effect of them is often much more effective at hiding finger prints, which tend to plague modern high gloss units and doors. This makes them a really great option for those with busy family lives, as the evidence of those sticky little fingers will be that much easier to disguise! Because life is too short to be cleaning your kitchen cupboards all the time, eh!

They give off all the warm and cosy feels

One of the major benefits of choosing a traditional style kitchen is being able to bask in the warm and cosy feel they help to create in a home. While a contemporary style kitchen exudes ‘cool’, a traditional one softly whispers, ‘come on in, sit down and relax with a cup of something hot’. There is something undeniably welcoming about a traditional style kitchen, with the current trend for large range style cookers making you think of hot family meals and home cooking in a way that just makes you feel safe and at home.

Traditional kitchens lend themselves really well to soft, natural textures which also add a sense of tranquillity and warmth. Wooden worktops, natural stone tiles and fresh flowers are all right at home in a traditional style kitchen, and is a look that quite simply never gets old.

Still can’t decide if a modern kitchen is right for you?

Take a look at some of our most popular traditional kitchen styles. If you see something you like the look of, get in touch with us and we can provide a sample at your free home design visit.


The Allestree kitchen is an elegant, high quality solid ash traditional kitchen with beading around the centre panel. It finds its beauty from the grain of the solid wood, which subtly peeks through the paint to add to the character of the door and your kitchen.

The solid wood doors are 21mm thick and are made of painted Ash, giving a matt finish. It is available in four stock colours, including:

· Porcelain

· Light Grey

· Luna

· Calico

​If none of those take your fancy, it can be painted to order in any colour using the RAL service.

Click here to view the Allestree kitchen.


The Baystone kitchen is a stunning and highly popular in frame design, defined by is elegance and simplicity. The perfect balance of a deep centre panel door design, set into a traditional frame makes this range a fine choice for both period or modern homes.

The doors are made from 20mm painted solid Ash wood and come with a ten year guarantee, as is standard for all wooden kitchens from Kitchenroom. The Baystone is available in Cream as a stock colour, but can be painted to order in any colour you like using the RAL colour service.

Click here to view the Baystone kitchen.


As its name suggests, the Broadoak kitchen is made of solid Oak wood and is perfect for customers who enjoy the look of the natural grain of the wood showing through the painted finish. This beautiful shaker style kitchen has got an added v-groove and 20mm thick doors, giving a lovely high-quality feel.

The Broadoak is available in four stock colours, including:

· Alabaster

· Partridge Grey

· Stone

· Natural

It is also available in 35 paint to order colours, should none of the stock options take your fancy.

Click here to view the Broadoak kitchen.


Similarly to the Allestree kitchen, the Eastdon is a sold ash wood, shaker style kitchen, but without the additional beading. This lovely kitchen is available in four stock colours and features a full grain which adds to the finish and character of your doors.

This wooden kitchen comes with a ten year door guarantee, and a 25 year cabinet guarantee, as is standard from Kitchenroom. It is available in porcelain, light grey, luna and calico as standard, or can be ordered in any colour using our RAL service.

Click here to view the Eastdon kitchen.


The Eildon kitchen is from the same range as the Baystone, which is a highly desirable in frame style. Defined by its elegance and simplicity, the Eildon displays the perfect balance of a deep centre panel door design set into a traditional frame. This style is a fine choice for both period or modern homes.

This 20mm solid ash wood kitchen is available to be painted to order, coming in any colour you wish, but as a result it does have a slightly longer lead time.

​Click here to view the Eildon Kitchen


The Faringdon kitchen is available with either a Shaker or Beaded door and puts a more modern twist on a traditional kitchen as a result of the materials it is made from. This kitchen is manufactured from MDF which is then painted to give a smoother finish to this traditional design.

​The Faringdon beaded kitchen has beading on the inside of the door, whereas the shaker kitchen does not. Both have 19 mm thick doors and are available in Porcelain as standard, or one of 26 paint to order colours, plus our RAL service.

Click here to view the Faringdon Beaded Kitchen

Click here to see the Faringdon Shaker Kitchen


The Fitzroy kitchen has all the solid grace of a Shaker kitchen, beautifully restyled for the twenty-first century. It provides the perfect canvas to create a fresh and sleek space or add warm accents for the feel of a classic British kitchen.

Add your own touches with an eclectic selection of traditional handles, balanced with more contemporary features such as a herb garden, curved corners, or free-standing cabinetry in accent colours.

The Fitzroy is available as a paint to order kitchen, or in any of the following stock colours:

· Porcelain

· Stone

· Dove Grey

· Partridge Grey

· Dust Grey

· Graphite

· Hartforth Blue

Click here to view the Fitzroy kitchen.


The Hartside kitchen is the perfect shaker style kitchen but with a modern twist, with its smooth finish and clean modern look that runs through the whole design. The 19mm thick kitchen doors really do give a sense of uncomplicated beauty.

The Hartside is available in 2 stock colours (porcelain and light grey) as well as our paint to order RAL service (any colour).

Click here to view the Hartside kitchen.


It is not hard to see why Milbourne kitchen is our most popular Shaker design, with its chunky frame, timeless styling and subtly textured finish bring a hint of tradition into this otherwise thoroughly modern kitchen.

With its beautifully thick 22mm doors, you have the perfect blank canvas to create your own look by dressing Milbourne up or down with finishing touches and décor details.

Click here to view the Milbourne kitchen.


Just like the Faringdon, the Mornington kitchen is available either in a beaded or shaker style design and is made of solid Ash wood. In the beaded option, internal beading trims the door to give your kitchen a truly traditional look and feel, whereas the shaker design offers pure simplicity, with no fuss.

​On both options the doors are 20mm thick and come with flush joints. The Mornington is available in 7 stock colours and 35 colours in our paint to order service.

Click here to view the Mornington Beaded kitchen.

Click here to view the Mornington Shaker kitchen.


The Oxford kitchen is thought of as one of the new styles of modern Shaker kitchens and is the perfect option for you is you’re looking for a shaker style kitchen with a totally smooth, grain free finish.

The Oxford kitchen doors are 18 mm thick and made of painted MDF, not a vinyl wrap, meaning they will stand the test of time. It is available in six stock colours, including:

· Anthracite

· Dust Grey

· Indigo

· Ivory

· Light Grey

· White

Click here to view the Oxford kitchen.


The Rivington kitchen is a solid wood 5 piece shaker style kitchen made of solid oak. These stunning doors have a full grain look and are 20 mm thick with a 110 mm stile and chamfered centre panel which adds to the truly fantastic finish.

It is available in 2 stock colours (cream and natural oak) and our 26 paint to order colours, plus our RAL service (any colour).

Click here to view the Rivington kitchen.

If you’re thinking a traditional or shaker style kitchen could be just what you’re looking for, why not get in touch today to book your FREE home design visit? We cover the Oxfordshire and Berkshire areas, including, but not limited to Didcot, Abingdon, Radley, Oxford City, Wantage, Wallingford, Benson, Berinsfield, Goring, Pangbourne.

With Kitchenroom you can always be assured of:

1. First class personal service from start to finish

2. 18 mm Rigid (assembled) wall and base units with doors already fitted

3. 10 cabinet colour options (so not just white / ivory or oak) to match the colour of the kitchen

4. 2 mm ABS edged cabinets

5. Soft close Blum doors & drawers that come with a lifetime guarantee

6. 25 year guarantee on our units / 10 years on Solid wood kitchens / 7 years on MDF kitchens

7. A typical lead time of 3-4 weeks

8. We can supply only or supply and arrange to fit your new kitchen where we will take care of the whole project from start to finish

Want to know more?

Why not take a look at some of our recently completed kitchen installations?

Click here to see our range of fitted kitchens.

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