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Best Kitchen Styles in 2021

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Every kitchen has a particular style to it. When your home was built originally, the contractors probably built a standard kitchen without a high-quality design. But a kitchen is more than just a place for your dish cupboards and cooking appliances. It is also a place where you spend many hours cooking and eating.

So, why not get a kitchen makeover so that you can have a more attractive and modern-looking kitchen style? Kitchenroom is one of the top independent kitchen style designers and suppliers around Oxford. We have more than 20 kitchen style choices available in our catalogue. Any one of them could transform your kitchen into a masterpiece.

Below are our top 3 best kitchen styles in 2021.

1) Aconbury J. Pull

Aconbury J. Pull is a kitchen style that doesn’t use handles for its cupboards. It is a modern kitchen style with MDF material and solid matte colours. If you like the clean and simple look, then you will love this kitchen style.

2) Allestree Beaded

Allestree Beaded is a shaker kitchen style with solid wood cupboards and beaded handles. It can add a nice traditional appearance to your kitchen.

3) Baystone

Baystone is a classic frame kitchen style, where the cupboard panel doors have a deep frame-like impression in the centre of them. Painted solid wood ash is used as the base material. Baystone is another great traditional kitchen style for a home.

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