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Discovering Oxford’s Top Kitchen Trends for 2023

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New kitchen designs have been trending throughout Oxford households in 2023. Many homeowners pick up these Oxford kitchen design trends on social media websites like Instagram and Pinterest. Would you like to find out what they are?

Below are the top three kitchen trends in Oxford for 2023.


1) Natural Designs

Oxford homeowners want their kitchen designs to consist of natural materials. Everything from the countertops to the cabinetry is made from natural materials like stone and timber. People are even using stone tiling for the flooring as well.

Natural kitchen designs allow homeowners and families to stay connected to nature when cooking or eating in their kitchens. This connection offers peace and mental clarity, among other benefits.


2) Open Kitchens

Oxford homeowners do not like feeling confined in their kitchen spaces. That is why an increasing number of them are choosing to renovate their kitchen designs to be more open.

An open kitchen tears down more walls and may connect the kitchen to the living room or the outdoor patio area. One big extended kitchen feels less confined and more spacious for people leaving and entering the kitchen.


3) Lighting Variety

Adequate kitchen lighting is always essential for clearly seeing everything. However, more Oxford homeowners are adding style and variety to their lighting options. Now they are adding various types of lighting, such as LED rods, LED strips, recessed lights, skylights, chandeliers, and natural sun lighting.

You do not have to use all these lighting options. Just combine the ones which appeal to your interests and needs.

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