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Going for Gold, Silver, or Bronze!

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There’s nothing like an Olympic summer to get us feeling all uplifted and patriotic, watching our amazing sportspeople do us proud with displays of superhuman strength, skill, and endurance. It is truly inspiring, and while we can’t see ourselves stood on an Olympic podium in this lifetime, there are other ways we can grab a slice of gold, silver, or bronze for ourselves.

Metallic tones in kitchens started to emerge as a trend a few years ago now, but it is a fashion that has grown and evolved ever since. Going back ten years, the options for things like hardware and appliances in a kitchen were significantly more limited than they are now, with your choices mostly consisting of white, black, or stainless steel. These are of course still hugely popular options today, but they’ve been joined by a host of new kids on the block, namely brass, copper, and bronze, meaning there are so many more options and possibilities than ever before.

The trend for metallics in kitchens is hugely popular for a variety of reasons. Of course, they look absolutely fantastic, and the type of metallic you introduce really help to set the tone and style for your whole room. For example, brass adds a sense of warm luxury; silver is the metal of choice for those looking to create a timeless look, or a Scandi-inspired room; and copper simply shouts modern and fun. It also has several benefits beyond the aesthetic. Metallics have a reflective quality to them which helps to bounce light around the room, making spaces feel lighter and larger. They are also highly durable, can be polished up to perfection and are incredibly easy to keep clean, meaning they not only always look great, but are fantastically hygienic and family-friendly.

Yes, it’s safe to say we are mad about metallics, but how exactly can you incorporate them into your kitchen design? Whether you want to add a subtle sheen or make a statement, there is a way for everyone to work these fabulous metals into their home. Here are some of our favourite ideas to get you started.


One of the simplest ways to work metallics into your kitchen scheme is in your hardware with your cabinet handles, knobs and hinges. There has never been so much choice on the market as there is now when it comes to kitchen handles and knobs, with an enormous array of shapes, styles and colours to choose from. We supply hardware by a variety of different manufacturers, with options in stainless steel, pewter, cast iron, blackened copper, copper, nickel, chrome, bronze, antique brass, brass, and matt black.

The impact of the metallics in your room can also be influenced by the size and style of handle you opt for. Smaller cabinet knobs will add a subtle point of interest to your kitchen, whereas larger T-Bar and cup handles will be a more prominent statement. Many of our customers choose to mix and match handle styles to be suit their kitchen cabinets, keeping the metal consistent throughout to give a cohesive finish.


We’ve written before about the increasing interest around taps and tap design in recent times, and as you’d expect, this has seen an increase in the number of different metals being used. A few years ago almost all the taps we installed were stainless steel – no one even thought about having anything else – but now your tap choice is a big statement and feature in your kitchen. As with hardware, taps come in numerous styles and colours, with variation even within the main metal groups; if you decide you’re having brass accents in your kitchen you now also need to think about whether you’re having gold, English bronze, living brass, polished brass, brushed brass or antique brass. The amount of choice is mind boggling! While there are no rights and wrongs with whatever you choose, it is worth considering how your sink and tap will look together; if you’re opting for a ceramic sink then anything goes, but you may want to think about consistency of style if you’re opting for a stainless steel sink or draining board.

We supply taps from a number of different manufacturers, but this page from Perrin and Rowe gives you some insight into just how many options there are when it comes to tap tones:


Appliances are another one of those areas, where a few years ago your options consisted of just black, white, or chrome/stainless steel. Oh how things have moved on in recent times, and although those are still among three of the most popular colour options, there are so many more choices available. Ovens in particular are now available in more colourways than you can imagine, particularly if you are looking at a freestanding statement cooker. Whether you dream of a blue, orange or even pink oven, we can almost guarantee you’ll be able to find it, but for us, even more excitingly, ovens now often come with a choice of colour on the handles and hardware, so if you’re after a sky blue oven with copper handles, it can most likely be found. One of our favourite suppliers, Rangemaster, have a fantastic selection of ceramic ovens with a choice of chrome or brass trims, which really helps when it comes to personalising every element of your new fitted kitchen.

Take a look at the Rangemaster Classic Deluxe here.

If you’re looking at an integrated cooker, do not fear that your options are limited. We’re seeing an increasing number of really great metallic cookers coming to the market, including this gorgeous copper design from SMEG.

As the trend for metallics grows, so do the options, so we’ll be keeping an eye on the market to see what new models are available for those customers after something a little out of the ordinary.

Worktops and splashbacks

When you think about metallic worktops and splashbacks it is difficult not to think of professional kitchens, with their wall-to-wall stainless steel, but there are now many more ways to work metallics into your kitchen surfaces. Copper is a brilliant metallic to use for your worktops and splashbacks as it makes a real statement whilst still bringing warmth and sophistication. If you’re going for a whole metallic worktop, we think it looks great on an island, contrasted with a more muted worktop on your other surfaces. It makes a stunning stand-out statement when used in this way, drawing your eye and reflecting light all over the room.

If you love the idea of metallic elements in your worktops, but aren’t sure about going the whole hog, why not consider a quartz worktop with metallic inclusions, like this stunning Gold Calacatta Quartz.


One of the easiest ways to bring a metallic statement into your kitchen is through your light fittings. Light fittings are a brilliant way of enjoying a trend without worrying about long term commitment as they’re relatively easy and inexpensive to change if your tastes evolve over time. A large metallic pendant makes a really strong statement, or you can even choose different metallic fittings when installing downlighters.

If you’re including metallics in your kitchen we’d recommend thinking about things such as light switches and plug sockets too, to make sure everything matches and is in keeping. These are relatively inexpensive changes to make but can really enhance the overall effect and cohesion of the kitchen design.

Metallic edging trim

If you’re going for a contemporary fitted kitchen and love the metallic look, why not explore the idea of adding a metallic edging trim to your cabinets? This is a bold and beautiful statement which will put your chosen metal at the heart of your kitchen, giving a super modern, and very stylish look.

If you’re feeling really bold, you could go one further and choose a metallic effect on your cabinet doors, as showcased here on the lovely Otto kitchen by Burbidge. It’s definitely not for everyone, but in the right home would look truly amazing!


If you love the metallic trend but aren’t looking to update your kitchen in the near future, you can still get on board by adding some new metallic accessories into your room. There are some really stunning brass and copper kettles and toasters available which look great and won’t break the bank. Even things like your glassware and dinner service can be given the marvellous metallic treatment to bring a touch of luxe to your kitchen.

If you’ve got a kitchen/diner, or bar stool seating in your kitchen, that’s another amazing way of bringing in the metallics, with chairs with metallic legs, or decorative cushions giving that cool, luxurious feel in a commitment-free way.

If you’re thinking of taking the plunge and introducing some metallics into your kitchen, our advice would be to go for it! It’s a trend which is a perfect combination of contemporary and timeless and we really don’t think you’ll regret it. Our top tips would be to choose a metallic and keep it consistent throughout the room, avoid mixing and matching too much. We’d also suggest mixing the metallics in with some natural textures like wood to help bring warmth and balance to your scheme, but other than that, just have some fun with it and enjoy bringing some shine to your home.

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