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How to Clean a Matt Kitchen Correctly

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Matt kitchens are the opposite of gloss kitchens because they absorb light instead of reflecting it. Some people love matt kitchens because of the colour consistency and even tone they provide them. Home decorators would call this a contemporary design with a luxurious appearance.

The biggest downside to matt kitchens is they reveal dirt, scratches, marks, smudges, and fingerprints more easily. Therefore, you must be more consistent in cleaning your matt kitchen to maintain its elegance.

Below are the top four steps to clean a matt kitchen correctly.

1) Mix Hot Water with Liquid Soap

Add hot water and a few drops of dish detergent or liquid soap to a bowl. Mix the liquids to form one solution.

2) Soak a Cloth in the Bowl

Dip a clean and fresh microfibre cloth in the liquid solution of the bowl. Use the soaked cloth to wipe the matt-finished surfaces of the kitchen. Make sure you target every crevice, handle, and hinge because they accumulate an abundance of dirt particles.

3) Clean the Doors and Cabinets

Repeat the first two steps with a new microfibre cloth and wipe down the kitchen doors and cabinets. You won’t want to use the same cloth and water bowl to clean everything in the kitchen because you could risk spreading dirt to other surfaces. That is why it is better to switch materials and bowls after you wring out the previous cloth.

4) Add Vinegar (optional)

Do you have stubborn stains on your matt surfaces? If so, adding vinegar to the soap and liquid solution could help. Because of its high acidic levels, vinegar can remove tough dirt and grime better than soap.


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