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How to create an Industrial Style kitchen

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The industrial style kitchen is something that’s been with us for a few years now, but it’s a trend which shows no signs of retreating, and we can completely see why. Industrial style kitchens have an effortless sense of cool about them, inspired by the loft-living we see in London and New York. It is incredibly versatile and works amazing well in large open plan spaces, but also in smaller, galley style kitchens looking to generate maximum impact.

Industrial style kitchens look like they have almost happened by accident. A range of different textures and colours coming together to create a really cool, slightly eclectic looking space, but in reality they take careful planning and consideration to really work well.

Anyone can achieve the industrial look at home, whether you’re planning a brand new kitchen renovation, or just want to give your current décor a spruce up. Here are some of the key things to consider when working towards the industrial look.

Bring in different textures and materials

If you take a look at any industrial style kitchen you will see that it includes a wide range of textures and materials. They key thing here is not to be afraid to mix it up with man-made and natural materials. Your instinct might be that natural oak and polished concrete do not belong together, but trust us when we say that they absolutely do! For an industrial kitchen to look organic it should be a little bit random and eclectic; matchy-matchy is most certainly not what we’re looking for here. Some great materials to consider including are:

  • Natural wood
  • Synthetic materials like composite, concrete or laminate
  • Exposed brickwork and stone
  • High-shine metals, like chrome and polished copper
  • Metals with texture such as brushed brass and steel
  • Glass
  • Ceramic tiles

Make it work within your space

Industrial style kitchens work really well in both small and large spaces. As with any kitchen design think about zoning the space appropriately and allow plenty of room to move around islands and appliances.

If working with a smaller space think about the types and quantities of materials used to avoid the area looking too cluttered. Think about concealed appliances, including on worktops to keep everything looking sleek and minimal. If you are going to have things on display, make them key pieces such as a cool coffee machine.

In larger spaces zoning the space is really important, giving each area of the kitchen its own identity. For example the dining table should be one zoned area, the food preparation area is another etc. This helps to clearly define each space and stops you from feeling overwhelmed when designing and decorating.

Choose your colour palette

Many industrial style kitchens opt for darker colour palettes including shades such as dark blue or grey. They’re often interspersed with metallic touches, for example copper taps which mimic the look of exposed pipe work, giving that nod to the industrial style. However an industrial inspired kitchen can be created in any colours you like. If you’re a fan of neutral or light colours then go with your heart, adding in depth with stronger accent colours.

Go for special finishes for a real wow factor

Many of our kitchens are available in special finishes such as tarnished brass, tarnished copper or black steel which are not only unusual, but give off that really high-end, designer industrial look. Currently there are four Foundry finishes to choose from on many of our kitchens, all of which are manufactured and hand-painted in Italy. We also have a new collection of Kraft doors, which are inspired by nature’s colours, textures and patterns and finished to the excellent standard you expect. These tactile finishes are combined with ultra-contemporary designs with game-changing results.

Choose sleek appliances

Industrial kitchens typically lend themselves to very sleek, modern appliances in black or stainless steel. Stainless steel is a great choice for industrial kitchens as it adds another element of texture to the décor and gives a subtle nod to the almost factory-esque look many people strive for.

Stylish and functional sinks

There’s a world of choice when it comes to sinks these days, and they can be a key feature in your overall kitchen design. For an industrial look we’d recommend looking at black composite sinks, stainless steel, or if you’re feeling adventurous, even copper. These are all super stylish but highly functional options and work well with a wide variety of taps.

Worktops with a wow-factor

Your worktop choice is very important when it comes to creating a stylish, industrial look in your kitchen. Wood is a popular choice, but too much can soften the look you are aiming for, so consider adding it in sections rather than using it everywhere. Stone effect laminates and quartz look great in industrial kitchens, and if you really want to commit to the look you could consider a concrete effect, or even stainless steel. These can feel like brave choices but can help to pull off a kitchen worthy of interiors magazines.

Handles or handle-less?

Depending on your preference, industrial style kitchens work really well with both handle-less and more traditional kitchen units. If you do opt for cabinets with handles, consider the handle style carefully. Minimal, sleek options always look great and are unobtrusive. In brass or copper they still manage to pack a punch and make a very stylish and interesting addition.

Finish the look with splashbacks and upstands

There are so many great options for splashbacks in your industrial style kitchen. Tiling is the most traditional choice and is a great way to add colour and texture. Metro style tiles are incredibly fashionable at the moment and come in a wide selection of sizes and colours which work brilliantly in this type of kitchen design. Stainless steel is once again another great material to use here, echoing the look of a professional kitchen, and reflecting light beautifully around the room.

One of our favourite options is exposed brick or stonework, which is synonymous with the industrial style. There are a great selection of tiles which can help you achieve this look now without having to go to the effort of exposing real brickwork, making it more attainable than ever before.

We love industrial style kitchens, but whatever the kitchen of your dreams looks like, we can make it a reality. Get in touch with us today to book your FREE home design visit and state of the art Kitchen design. We cover the entire Oxfordshire area and beyond, including Didcot, Oxford, Abingdon, Wantage, Wallingford, Grove, Newbury, Henley on Thames.

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