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How to organise kitchen cabinets – from strategic storage to clever space-saving solutions

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Kitchen cabinets are the essence of any kitchen. They provide both aesthetics and storage to your kitchen so that you can manage your kitchen activities effectively. However, you need to know how to effectively organize the cupboards, shelves, countertops, and drawers of your kitchen. That way, your kitchen can function for you rather than against you.

Below are the top 4 tips for organising your kitchen cabinets

1) Add Dividers to Your Drawers

Most people throw all their utensils and cookware into a drawer where they get mixed together. You could save yourself so much time in the future by adding dividers to your drawers. Then you’ll have a strategic system for organising your forks, knives, cloths, gloves, and so on. The important thing is to put similar items together rather than mixing them with different items.

2) Mount Pockets onto Your Cabinet Doors

There are always more areas to increase your storage space, such as on your cabinet doors. If you were to mount small storage pockets onto the interior of your cabinet doors, they could be used to store all your small and loose kitchen items. Then you won’t have to throw them in a cabinet and mix them with larger items.

3) Add Stackable Baskets to Your Pantry

Pantries have a lot of space available. The problem is that they only have a few shelves for storing food items. Fortunately, you can fix this problem by adding stackable storage baskets to your pantry’s shelves. Then you can store more food items on top of each other in an organised way.

4) Bigger Cabinets Go on the Bottom

The biggest cabinets for storing pots and pans should go on the bottom cabinetry near the floor. Perhaps you could add a rotating carousel to make the pots and pans easier to access whenever you need them.

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