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How to update your kitchen on a budget

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A kitchen upgrade is one of the best investments you could ever make for your home. However, not all homeowners have the money to make significant improvements and modifications to their kitchens.

That is okay because you can initiate plenty of effective updates to your kitchen without spending much money. You just need a few simple tools and some creativity. 

Below are three tips on how to improve your kitchen on a budget. 

1) Add More Light Fixtures

Light fixtures are inexpensive and add brightness to your kitchen.

For example, you could add a string of small white lights along the bottom of your kitchen cabinetry and hang ceiling lights above your kitchen islands or dining tables.

More light is always an easy way to improve the appearance of your kitchen. 

2) Remove Walls or Cabinetry 

Sometimes less is more when improving a kitchen.

For example, if you remove walls or cabinetry that prevent you from having an open-plan kitchen, you could create a more spacious kitchen for your home.

Freeing up space is better than cluttering your kitchen space. It won’t cost you hardly anything either.

3) Install a Backsplash

A backsplash is decorative tiling or paneling that goes on the walls behind your oven and hob. It can protect your walls from splashing grease and food stains.

Furthermore, a backsplash can feature vibrant colours and decorations to enhance the beauty and aesthetics of your kitchen. This will save you the trouble of painting the designs onto the walls.

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