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It’s time to get your kitchen summer ready!

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This week has left us in absolutely no doubt that summer has well and truly arrived, with the sort of scorching temperatures we thankfully only see once in a blue moon. Usually the summer season sees us heading straight to the garden, but when it’s this level of hot we all want to take refuge inside, which has got us thinking about just how to make the kitchen summer ready.

We know what you’re thinking; just how exactly can a kitchen be ready for summer? Well, there are lots of things you can do to help give your kitchen a summer aesthetic and also make it more practical for our needs and wants during the warmer months. We do tend to entertain more in the summer months, and although (usually) a lot of that takes place in the garden, the kitchen very much still serves as a hub for food prep and casual hang outs so it’s important that it reflects the summer feel-good vibe.

So just how can you go about making your kitchen summer ready? Here are our top tips for doing just that without breaking the bank.

Give your colour scheme a refresh

One of the simplest ways to get your kitchen feeling fresh and summery is by giving the colour scheme a seasonal refresh. This is something many of us have gotten quite used to doing during the winter as we celebrate Christmas, so we see no reason why we can’t make it a feature of the summer time too! Introducing new, fresh soft furnishings can completely transform the vibe of your kitchen – just think about the sort of cushions or throws you might see in hotels when you go abroad, or in chic restaurant gardens for inspiration.

Introducing pops of colour can be done in really simple ways such as adding a bowl of fresh lemons or limes to your kitchen counter, or by putting some bright summer flowers on display. Investing in some new coasters or tablemats can instantly refresh your dining table set up, giving it that feel-good summer vibe. We’d recommend bright, cheerful colours and patterns for maximum impact.

What are the hottest colours for this summer?

When it comes to colour we always think you should really go for whatever you love, but if you are interested in following the latest interior décor trends, then the colour of choice for summer 2022 is green. Whether it’s mint, olive or emerald, there’s a shade of green for everyone. Not only is it a really calming colour but it echoes the natural world, helping to achieve that outside in look we often aspire to.

Switch up your tools

Just as we rotate our wardrobes it can be a great idea to rotate your kitchen gadgets as the seasons change. We do tend to eat different sorts of foods and use different kitchen items during the summer, so it’s a great idea to make these more easily accessible and change up your worktop layout. If you’ve got a beautiful glass drinks dispenser lurking in the back of your cupboard, now is the time to give it pride of place on the countertop. Similarly items such as casserole dishes and perhaps the slow cooker may not be quite so high in demand during the summer and can afford to be placed in a less accessible spot. Again, this is something we often naturally do in the winter months, with many people setting up hot chocolate stations and putting festive treat dishes out on display, so we see no reason not the flip the trend for summer… Pimm’s station anyone?!

Bring the outside in

Blurring the line between your indoor and outdoor space is such a great way to make the most of the glorious summer that we’ve devoted a whole blog to it. You can check it out here.

If your kitchen looks out to the garden, a luscious green space, or a fabulous city view, you can really look to make it a feature of the room and enjoy it all year round by using some of our tips for bringing the outside in. From big ticket items like opening up the space to simpler ideas like introducing some new house plants, there are suggestions for everyone no matter your budget.

Invest in some great picnic-ware

At this time of year you can’t so much as wander through a supermarket without seeing a fabulous array of picnic-ware, all in gorgeous summery colours and patterns. Obviously this is great for taking out and about with you, but we love having it in the home too as it is not only an instant décor brightener, but also hugely practical.

During the summer months dining takes place in both the kitchen and the garden, with plates of food moving about constantly. Although we love this relaxed dining approach it can result in a few breakages, so plastic or melamine plates, bowls and glasses really can be your best friend. It’s also super easy to store away in winter as everything is stackable and takes up very little space.

Give your kitchen a summer clean

This one isn’t going to cost you anything but time and a little elbow grease..! We all know about spring cleaning, but when it comes to your kitchen we really think that summer cleaning is where it’s at. We all love that glorious sunshine streaming into the house but it is certainly unforgiving when it comes to highlighting dust and dirt. Any glass surfaces in particular should be cleaned up to bring them to their sparkling best. That includes windows, glass fronted cabinets and any pendant lighting which can go a little cloudy looking when the sunlight hits. We recommend cleaning on a cloudy day, especially with your windows so they don’t dry before you can buff them up. A streak-free finish is definitely what you’re after.

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