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Kitchen appliance layout ideas

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The layout of your kitchen appliances is vital for your productivity in the kitchen. If you position your kitchen appliances effectively, you can work and move in the kitchen without any delays or setbacks.

Below are the top 4 kitchen appliance layout ideas.

1) Add More Distance Between Appliances

If you have enough kitchen space, try to avoid putting major appliances close together.
For example, many domestic kitchens have the refrigerator positioned next to the oven. This makes things difficult if you need to open the refrigerator door while someone else is cooking food in the oven. The door could bump into them, or they could knock the door back into you. So, try to add more distance between your major appliances if you can help it.

2) Use Built-In Appliances

Built-in appliances are the perfect solution if you have a small kitchen with limited space because they get integrated into the cabinetry and walls of the kitchen. You won’t have to make room for individual appliances outside the cabinetry. Some common built-in appliances include microwaves, ovens, dishwashers, and refrigerators.

3) Set Different Zones for Your Appliances

If you have to keep your appliances close together, you should group them by the types of appliances they are. For example, keep all your microwaves, ovens, and other hot appliances in one section of your kitchen. Then, in another section, you could keep all the water appliances together, such as the dishwasher and sink.

Some people even put the dishwasher next to their washing machines because it keeps the plumbing close together. That way, they don’t have to add additional plumbing to their condition. It is something to think about.

4) Browse Predesigned Kitchen Layouts

Use a company like Kitchenroom to browse through some professional predesigned kitchen layouts. You can choose one of our designs or get some design ideas from them.

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