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Latest colour trends for kitchens in 2022

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Are you tired of the same dull colours used in your kitchen? Would you rather conform to modern times by applying the latest colour trends to your kitchen walls? 

Colours have a powerful impact on your kitchen’s overall look and feel. That is why you must consider the colours of your kitchen walls, cabinets, and countertops. They must all come together and form the perfect colour palette for your kitchen.

Below are the top 3 latest colour trends for kitchens in 2022.

1) Green Colours

Greens have become trendy kitchen colours amongst those who care about the environment and want to feel at ease around green colours.

Deep emerald and soft sage greens are good green colour combinations for your kitchen. They will give you a relaxed feeling as you cook and dine in your kitchen. 

2) Yellow Colours

Yellow colours in kitchens are seen as energetic, positive, and inviting. You could add yellow fabrics, accessories, and wallpaper to your kitchen to make it shine with beauty and brightness. Use different yellow tones to diversify the yellowness. 

3) Black and White

Black and white are the two most popular contrasting colours because they give your kitchen lightness and darkness together.

Use a black colour finish on your lower cabinetry and kitchen islands while using white colours for your walls and upper cabinetry.

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