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The Charm of Oxford Kitchens: Integrating Historical Elegance with Modern Functionality

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Oxford kitchen designs blend historical kitchen styles with modern decorations and conveniences. Many homeowners want kitchens that integrate historical elegance with modern functionality so they can have the best of both worlds.

Here are four ways Oxford kitchen designs accomplish these goals:


1) Wooden Cabinetry with Darker Colours

The number one way to create a traditional Oxford kitchen is to install a long run of wooden cabinetry across the upper walls surrounding the kitchen. You could also have pantry doors made of similar wood material and featuring similar patterns.

However, you will use darker blue or black colour finishes for the cabinetry to create the modern décor you may desire for your kitchen.


2) Splashbacks

Splashbacks are modern features of newer kitchens that protect the walls from splashing food when you cook or eat in the kitchen. Some kitchen décor specialists can even integrate unique imagery into the splashback to match your style and personality.


3) White Quartz Countertops

Use a whitish quartz stone for your countertops to contrast your cabinetry’s dark blue or black colours. It will make your kitchen look more stylish, and you can easily find and clean debris particles from your white countertops.


4) Kitchen Islands

Kitchen islands are fun ways to eat and dine in the kitchen. They can feature the same colours and materials as your cabinetry and countertops. Families and homebuyers love kitchen islands for socializing and convenient dining. They also make the kitchens look more personable and friendly too.

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