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Top tips and ideas for your open plan kitchen

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An open-plan kitchen is a spacious kitchen with no barriers or walls separating it from the dining room or living room. Instead, you have an open cooking and dining space suitable for lounging and eating while having a clear view of the cookware. 

Open-plan kitchens have become more popular over the years because people like having more open space around their kitchen areas. So if you want to improve or enhance your open-plan kitchen, you need to think about what features will work best for it in your home.

Below are three tips and ideas for your open-plan kitchen.

1) Contemporary or Traditional

Would you like a traditional open plan kitchen, such as a Shaker kitchen design with a classic feel? You could add wooden oak furniture and give your open kitchen a country vibe. 

But if you prefer a modern open-plan kitchen with fewer maintenance requirements, look for cabinetry constructed in MDF (medium-density fibreboard).

2) Use White or Cream Colours for Extra Vibrance

People love white open-plan kitchens because they do a great job of reflecting light onto the rest of the kitchen and making it all look extra vibrant.

Of course, you could add contrasting black colours to create a more atmospheric kitchen with a striking appearance.

3) Add a Kitchen Island

A small kitchen island in the middle of your open-plan kitchen can give you a place to eat or study without needing a big dining room table. It is perfect for anyone who is alone and won’t need to entertain many people in their kitchen.

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